Chlorine-free water treatment product, like no other.

How it's different

For agriculture, horticulture applications:

Huwa·San TR50

Good quality water and overall hygiene management is essential in today's agribusiness. Huwa·San provides a sustainable way to secure your growth by ensuring your water quality in combination with more efficient fertilisation.

Huwa·San can be used to prevent infections and biofilm formation in a complete irrigation system: drip irrigation, overhead misting and storage tanks. It is also suitable for disinfection of hard surfaces, materials and even empty greenhouses.

Protected cultivation, both in vegetable growth and floriculture, enables growers worldwide to have strict climate control, increasing yield and quality. It allows the growers to grow more with less while still keeping an eye on quality, food safety, reliability and sustainability.

Precision irrigation helps the grower tackle the reduced availability of fresh water by delivering the water and fertilisers in a more precise and efficient way. Although today less than half of the hydroponic production systems worldwide are closed recycling systems, this has to be the future as it allows the growers to recycle more than 95% of the water used and reduce fertiliser wastage. However, most growers these days are still hesitant to switch to closed recycling systems because of the risk of diseases being spread through the water. Using a good disinfection program can help to prevent this.

Increased awareness among consumers in combination with strict regulations are increasing the demand for a 'clean and green' produce. Crops will have to be grown with less use of pesticides and fungicides. The development of alternative ways of managing pests and diseases (e.g. IPM, Integrated Pest Management) is crucial. In combination with good hygiene management of water and environment, this will help the growers to deal with diseases of viral (TMV, CMV, ...), bacterial (Agrobacterium, Xanthomonas, Erwinia, Clavibacter) or fungal origin (Fusarium, Phytium, Phytophtora, ...) in a more sustainable way.

50% Hydrogen Peroxide
- available in 25kg, 240kg, 1200kg

Huwa·San 25kg

ACVM Approval P009479

Huwa·San 25kg


Huwa·San 240kg


Huwa·San 1200kg


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The health & environmental benefits of Huwa·San

Chlorine free

Residue-free post harvest washing

Powerful broad spectrum sanitiser and oxidiser

Fast acting and does not require extended contact times

Effective over a wide pH range, & remains active even in low concentrations

Truly environmentally harmless biocide

Bacteria cannot become resistant

Does not leave harmful residues on surfaces & does not form dangerous disinfection by-products (DBP's)

Temperature stable and effective over a wide temperature range (0 - 95deg C)

Breaks down & does not allow the formation of biofilms in water systems

Non-toxic & non-mutagenic